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bjorn assmann Diamond
Björn Assmann
Been doing SEO since 2008
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matthew eisner
Matthew Eisner
Data-Driven Growth Advisor
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danilo de rosa Diamond
Danilo De Rosa
Growth Marketing Manager
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benji hyam Diamond
Benji Hyam
Content marketer and marketing/growth strategist
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Many of our mentors have experience driving growth at these companies:
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Uber
  • Rackspace
  • Twitter

Why talk to SEO mentors?

There should be no limits to what a growth mentor can help you with
  • If you are spending too much time reading SEO blogs and just want to talk to an expert
  • If you are considering restructuring something major e.g. URL hierarchy and want a second opinion
  • If you want to hear first hand how experienced SEO’s approach new campaigns
  • If you are working with an expensive SEO agency and want a 3rd party audit of their work
  • If you want a real-time sparring partner while doing keyword research

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