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Joe Lee
Tanay Mishra
Marketing Automation Consultant
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vlad calus Diamond
Vlad Calus
Co-founder Planio.io
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foti panagio Diamond
Foti Panagio
Founder at Growthmentor.io
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Here are examples of what you can talk to a Facebook Ads mentor about
  • You're intimidated by the seemingly unlimited amount of variations you can make with audience targeting and need some help
  • You're pretty good with Adwords but are new to Facebook and are noticing that they're completely different beasts!
  • You've made your audiences and ads but your conversion rate is terrible and you don't know why
  • You know the importance of A/B testing but don't have the experience needed to properly structure A/B testing in your campaigns
  • You're relying too much on interest targeting and desperately want to squeeze as much ROI as possible out of custom audience targeting
  • You've got the "tech" side under control, but you're failing with your ads. They're super boring!

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