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Connecting Growth-Addicted Solopreneurs with Battle-Hardened Mentors

Talk on Skype with a growth mentor from just $25 per hour

You're not alone anymore

The problem

Feedback and perspectives from similarly skilled and experienced professionals in your field are extremely valuable. But when you're a solo marketer or a solo founder - they are in serious short supply.

The challenge

Experienced "fullstack growth marketers" are a rare breed. That's why they're referred to as "unicorns." Sure, you can find them on platforms like, but you'll pay up to $10 per minute for a call.

Our vision

Our vision is to connect solo founders and marketers with "unicorn" qualified mentors that actually enjoy helping and aren't just mentoring for the money. Pricing is reasonable and begins at $25 per hour.

Why talk to a growth mentor?

Kill the indecisiveness and increase your confidence with a growth mentor

Growth marketing is a fast-spinning hamster wheel

And once you get on, it can be tough to get off...

Do you constantly double guess your strategic decisions?

It’s perfectly healthy to be self-critical and to question your convictions — but only to a certain degree. There comes a point where too much critical thinking leads to self-doubt. This can be catastrophic for project managers who need to get shit done.

Do you want helpful advice from "doers" and not just "talkers"?

There’s a plethora of so-called “online business gurus” advertising their email courses, training videos and blog content, and while some of the information you get is super valuable, it’s still mostly theoretical. We match you with mentors who practice what they preach at a high level on their own businesses. All of our mentors are active growth marketers at high growth startups.

Do you want to bounce ideas off of at a high enough?

The natural side effect of being a solo founder or a freelancer is that you don’t have a team to bounce ideas off. And when you're a solo marketer or a solo founder, those ideas can be in short supply to begin with. We want to make it easy for you to bounce ideas off seasoned growth marketers without paying a fortune.

Network with doers and thinkers and not just talkers

All our mentors have real-life expertise in growth marketing and enjoy helping people navigate the nuances of full stack digital marketing.
Talk to mentors that have hands-on experience with:

Growth Hacking

Content Marketing